The Network posted a video from the United States of a truck carrying UFO

В Сети опубликовали видео из США, на котором грузовик перевозит НЛО

There was a video on the Web that caught the attention of many ufologists in the world. A US driver picked up a truck on his video recorder that was carrying something very large. Given the shape of the hidden object, many immediately suspected it was a UFO. The event took place on a track in the United States at the beginning of September this year. You can see in the video how the truck is doing a lot of work with the object on the trailer. And given that…

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Scientists have proven that life could exist on Mars

Ученые доказали, что на Марсе могла существовать жизнь

Discussions about the existence of alien life have been going on between scientists for decades. And maybe now we have real support for that theory. Traces of organic molecules were found on a fragment of a Martian meteorite found in Antarctica in 1984. This, in turn, may indicate that life on Mars may have existed. The meteorite under study has a very impressive age of about 4 billion years. But it may be the key to solving one of our most pressing issues. Because it contains nitrogen and a number…

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Latest Black Friday deal: Get 2 Echo speakers at QVC for just $100 total


Ready to score a sweet discount on the Amazon Echo smart speaker this Black Friday? Alexa, hold your horses. Sure, Amazon will offer its flagship Alexa speaker for $69 next week — but QVC already has that deal beat, with an offer that’ll net you two Echo speakers for $100. That means you’re essentially getting them for what you’d normally pay for a pair of pint-sized Echo Dots. SEE IT AT QVC   The deal is especially interesting in light of the recent addition of Amazon’s stereo pairing feature, which…

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Huawei, ZTE get called out during Senate hearing on Facebook, Twitter


Facebook and Twitter were supposed to be under the microscope at a Senate hearing on Wednesday, but Chinese device makers Huawei and ZTE ended up catching some of the flak. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg came to Capitol Hill to offer insight about how foreign governments are using their sites to spread misinformation on social media and what they’re doing to fix the problem. The tenor of the hearing was largely cordial as lawmakers on the Senate Intelligence Committee talked about how they could work with…

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Smart home tech that can save you money

  Your smart home can do more than just make your daily routine more convenient. As strange as it may seem, the couple hundred dollars you spend on a fancy connected gadget might actually save you money in the long run. From better heating and cooling to more efficient watering, these smart home products can help you cut down on your utility bills. Smart thermostats Chris Monroe/CNET Smart thermostats from popular brands such as Nest and Ecobee claim to save you between 10% and 20% on your heating and cooling…

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Amazon Go cashierless store reportedly finds New York location


Amazon Go has reportedly found its New York home across the street from the World Trade Center. The cashierless store, which the e-commerce giant last month confirmed would be coming to the Big Apple, will be in Brookfield Place, according to Recode. We don’t know when it’ll open, but Amazon has reportedly already started hiring staff. The Lower Manhattan shopping and office complex, known as the World Financial Center until 2014, is already home to upscale stores like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Saks Fifth Avenue. It sits across across West…

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Scientists use supercomputer to model plasma turbulence, and solve a 50-year-old mystery

For more than 60 years, fusion scientists have tried to use “magnetic bottles” of various shapes and sizes to confine extremely hot plasmas, with the goal of producing practical fusion energy. But turbulence in the plasma has, so far, confounded researchers’ ability to efficiently contain the intense heat within the core of the fusion device, reducing performance. Now, scientists have used one of the world’s largest supercomputers to reveal the complex interplay between two types of turbulence known to occur in fusion plasmas, paving the way for improved fusion reactor…

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Study reveals shared behavior of microbes and electrons

Here are certain universal patterns in nature that hold true, regardless of objects’ size, species, or surroundings. Take, for instance, the branching fractals seen in both tree limbs and blood vessels, or the surprisingly similar spirals in mollusks and cabbage. Now scientists at MIT and Cambridge University have identified an unexpected shared pattern in the collective movement of bacteria and electrons: As millions of bacteria stream through a microfluidic lattice, they synchronize and swim in patterns similar to those of electrons orbiting around atomic nuclei in a magnetic material. The…

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Twitter ‘censorship’ still an obsession for Congress as hearing gets political

A tight shot of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter returned to its role of punching bag Wednesday over suggestions of partisan bias, at a US House hearing grilling CEO Jack Dorsey. A Senate hearing earlier in the day, which also questioned Facebook‘s Sheryl Sandberg, barely mentioned political censorship, but the chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee opened its session with words about bias and ‘shadow banning.’ ‘We hope you can help us better understand how Twitter decides when to suspend a user or ban them from the service, and what you do to ensure such decisions are made without undue…

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For Halloween, Google Doodle scares up addictive multiplayer game


Google has another Halloween treat for fans of its Doodle games — its first-ever multiplayer game. Two years ago, Google captivated Doodle players with a game featuring an adorable black cat with magic powers that races the clock to save its school from a horde of invading spirits. This year’s Great Ghoul Duel takes things up a notch by letting you form two teams of four ghosts to collect as many wandering spirit flames as possible and return them to your home base within two minutes. The team that collects the…

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