The Network posted a video from the United States of a truck carrying UFO

В Сети опубликовали видео из США, на котором грузовик перевозит НЛО

There was a video on the Web that caught the attention of many ufologists in the world. A US driver picked up a truck on his video recorder that was carrying something very large. Given the shape of the hidden object, many immediately suspected it was a UFO. The event took place on a track in the United States at the beginning of September this year. You can see in the video how the truck is doing a lot of work with the object on the trailer. And given that…

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Scientists have proven that life could exist on Mars

Ученые доказали, что на Марсе могла существовать жизнь

Discussions about the existence of alien life have been going on between scientists for decades. And maybe now we have real support for that theory. Traces of organic molecules were found on a fragment of a Martian meteorite found in Antarctica in 1984. This, in turn, may indicate that life on Mars may have existed. The meteorite under study has a very impressive age of about 4 billion years. But it may be the key to solving one of our most pressing issues. Because it contains nitrogen and a number…

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