The Network posted a video from the United States of a truck carrying UFO

В Сети опубликовали видео из США, на котором грузовик перевозит НЛО

В Сети опубликовали видео из США, на котором грузовик перевозит НЛО

There was a video on the Web that caught the attention of many ufologists in the world. A US driver picked up a truck on his video recorder that was carrying something very large. Given the shape of the hidden object, many immediately suspected it was a UFO.

The event took place on a track in the United States at the beginning of September this year. You can see in the video how the truck is doing a lot of work with the object on the trailer. And given that the video is set near one of America’s numerous military bases, it is not surprising that some users immediately mistook a strange object for a UFO.

Scott Waring, an expert and ufologist, made several hypotheses about how an alien flying saucer fell into the hands of the American military. In the eyes of a seeker of extraterrestrial civilizations, the United States Army may well have been able to exchange UFOs from aliens for something they really need. Well, or a UFO crashed and is now being transported for further research.

By the way, not all Web users were so optimistic in their assumptions. Many expressed doubts that the American military would be transporting something very secret in broad daylight on a public highway. And if there was no other way out, the military could easily disguise the cargo much better.

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